What We Do

Image 1 - Unique Model

Our Unique Model

Our services focus on our central aim which is fighting human smuggling and trafficking through effective migration management; to achieve that we have developed our own unique model of fighting human trafficking and smuggling which consists of four current projects.

Image 2 - Migration Movement

Migration Movement

This is an on-going programme and it aims to monitor migration movements to, in and from Sudan. It also aims to monitor treatment and needs of Sudanese returnees (deportees / voluntary return) and to produce regular reports.

Image 3 - Awareness Campaign

Awareness Campaign

This is an on-going campaign and consists of different activities. It aims to raise the awareness of the community, government institutions and policy makers to make positive changes on policies and migration’s perception.

Image 4 - MEDIATION Project


People migrate or expatriate in search for a secure and better life due to economic situation or political instability but both go hand by hand and can be difficult to distinguish between them.

Image 5 -Breathing Space 1

Breathing Space Project

This project interests in people health and well-being as researches indicate that there is strong link between poverty, illness and security & safety of community.

Image 6 - Community Development

Community Development

We work towards sustainable peace and development for stable community and encourage government bodies to make positive policy changes to help people to settle in their own homeland.

Image 7 - Organisational Development

Organisational Development

We provide consultation services and high quality of training courses to suit individual organisation needs.

Image 8 - Research & Events

Research & Events

One of our main aims is to create and preserve friendship and cooperation between African, Arab and European people by fostering exchange of knowledge to promote discussions.